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Saturday, February 28, 2009

She Smiles

Sleeping Beauty is not awake yet, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to post pictures of the smiles she has allowed us to see over the past few days before we head off to discover Guangzhou.

The second to last picture is my favorite because she came out with that grin after a couple of teenage boys walked by. Hmmmm.........


  1. Great pics! Thanks for posting and keeping us up to date! Praying for another great week!

  2. Once again, we rejoice in the mighty work of the LORD. Those smiles are "priceless" ;)
    We love following your blog. Maddie will ask
    several times a day if there's an update?
    She also wanted photos printed of Lia and "Ella," which she has carried around showing Grandmas and neighbors the friend of Lia, who "WILL be my sister because we're going to adopt her." She's a mess.
    If it was a simple as a plane ticket and visa, we would meet you guys in Guangzhou to bring "Ella" home with us.
    We pray for continued good health and safety, plus a safe trip home. Have fun because we're having fun reading about and seeing the photos of your trip. God bless. -Laura

  3. Our clan is following your blog several times a day as well! Jordan notifies us all when there is an update :-) Jada loved the tub pictures. "Lia pool," she says. And, "Lia China; Lia airplane home!' We are all looking forward to you coming home so that we can meet Lia.
    Gina, John, Jordan, Issac, Joshua, and jada

  4. She is too cute! I really mean it we need to get Ella Lee home to me so Lia and her could play. Lia made me smile when I saw the last
    picture. TO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- Madeline

  5. Aah haaaa....alas the flower is blooming and it appears she is a delicately beautiful orchid. Wow...that's all I can say. So many blessings.

  6. Okay don't ya just dig that baby's eyebrows. I know that weird but they are so expressive. They make her eyes just beautiful. Thanks for the smiley pics. They were really cute and smiling at the older boys already :o lookout mama

  7. Look at that beautiful smile! You all look so happy!


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