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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lia and Friends

Yesterday, we picked up the pictures that the orphanage had taken on the disposable cameras we had sent in a care package. We sent 2 but they only used 1. Makes sense because there really wasn't that much time, but I had been hoping for more.

I got at least one smile. Maddie, is that Ella in any of the pictures? I couldn't tell but I thought you'd know :)
Today is our last full day in Guangxi and we are off to the countryside to see pigs, water buffalo and farm life. I honestly never thought I'd be sad to leave but I am. Life here in a 5-star (very loosely interpreted) hotel, never having to cook, and my own personal guide aside, it's hard to think that this will be the last Lia sees of her birthplace for many, many years. I hope I can recount to her about the people and places of this land in years to come.


  1. We are continuing to pray for your family and we have enjoyed seeing photos of your time in China and your precious daughter. We hope that your are able to savor each second.

    Adina and Mike

  2. How sweet she has pictures of her and a little friend. Wow! She is so beautiful. I was telling my mom about her the other day--how beautiful she is. I'm sure leaving what she's always known as home is extremely hard for her and YOU. And I'm equally sure the memories, smells, sites, noises are all embedded in your mind for safe keeping for Lia. Your trip tomorrow sounds fasinating. Can't wait to see pics.

    Lisa A

  3. I trust you both will be able to recount many memorires, awesome pictures, and tales of your trip years from now (plus this blog to show for it!). That smile is sure to come - it looks like it is waiting until she sees her brothers and sisters waiting for her (not to mention all those praying for your trip!)!!! Love yall!

  4. YES IT"S HER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it! Go get her.
    I'm sure Lia would love to bring her friend back.

    Angela, We love seeing all of the photos. Lia is
    beautiful. We can't wait to see that smile in person!
    We continue to pray for you guys--It is quite "evident"
    (video, in Latin--Maddie said that was on the Latin test
    yesterday) that God has been, is, and will continue to be
    right there with you guys during this once in a lifetime experience.
    We rejoice with you guys! Have lots of fun!
    Blessings to you all, Laura

    Really, bring our Ella back ;) -Maddie

  5. I think they call it a 4 or 5 star hotel just because it has a western potty in it. It goes down to a 3 star if it has a squatty potty in it:)

  6. What a treasure to have some pictures of Lia with her friend!


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