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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Touring the Town

Today, our guide, Mary, took us on a tour of the Guangxi Museum and Minority Park in Nanning. It was a hot day (at least by my standards) and a perfect opportunity for Lia to wear her sun hat (which she did with no complaints :)

Mary, a native of Nanning, has been a guide for several different adoption agencies for about 3 years. She's great and knows a lot about Chinese history and the history of her province. We were able to ask several questions about Beiliu City (where Lia is from) and even convinced her to take us to the countryside on Friday (a 1 1/2 hour ride outside the city) where I'm hoping to see some water buffalo!
The Guangxi Museum was full of ancient Chinese artifcats made of porcelain, bronze, and terra cotta. All very beautiful. I was able to purchase a little porcelain tea set for Lia as a souvenier for her from her homeland.
And Minority Park was gorgeous. There were plants and flowers everywhere with red lanterns hanging from the trees and Asian music playing in the background. I would love to have stayed and had lunch there but Mary says "Chinese babies must have a nap" so back to the hotel we went!

After a day of touring the town, Lia and her daddy are now sound asleep in the bed. (Looks like Mary was right).
Here are a couple of pictures from Minority Park (thought about you, Amy!)

Tomorrow is another park, Friday is the countryside, and then Saturday it's off to Guangzhou!


  1. Oh Angela! She is so precious! In each picture she looks more relaxed with her mommy and daddy. I love your matching outfits.

  2. Wow! Beautiful photos - of course Lia is the most beautiful part. It's really great that you get the chance to drink in a little of her culture.
    Kids are doing great. Alex and I played croquet yesterday - if only it were 80 degrees here, too! They are so excited to meet Lia!
    Give little Lia a hug from us Sweigarts!

  3. Congrats Taylors. Since I read your blog from my computer here at school, it is nice to see some ancient Chinese architecture. Now I can project your blog on my Smartboard and use it to teach about Chinese culture in my World Geography class.

    Thank you for the frequent updates. It is absolutely amazing to witness.



    Your blog was shared with us and we are keeping tabs on your trip and enjoying the updates!

    Lia is just precious and what a true blessing you have been charged with! She looks like she is adjusting to her new parents quite nicely! (Not to metion how well Lia & Angela match in their outfits!)

    Hope you are all doing well and your trip continues to go smoothly for you!

    ~The HPV Team!

  5. I love their ideas of "parks". They are amazing!
    People in China have definite ideas about what babies should and shouldn't do. We took Anna took a McD's and I gave her hamburger patty for lunch. My goodness! I can't tell you how many people told me that she should only be having milk. Dave finally leaned over and hissed "We need to get out of here NOW!"
    You should go to the Zoo in Guangzhou. There are dogs on exhibit!
    She is so pretty. Love that you are posting these photos. I think it's so neat that you are half way around the world, and yet we've been there too!

  6. Lia may still be so reserved and serious, but she is strikingly beautiful! I'm so glad that you are enjoying nice weather and are able to get out and enjoy her home province.

  7. She is absolutely beautiful! We are rejoicing with you and looking very forward to meeting her. Love, the Goehners

  8. Hi! Angie, Scott and Beautiful Lia, I have been trying to reach you through Life Cam, you know, Dad's new toy. You have already probably had a good laugh learing from the kids how granddaddy can't work the computer right. Anyway, I do not have a problem admitting that I am not smarter than a fifth grader.
    Just wanted the both of you to know that we are very proud of you. My prayer tonight is for the Lord to be with the both of you and Lia, and to bring you home safely to your loving family.
    Can't wait to see you next weekend and to hold beautiful Lia in my arms.

    Love, DAD


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