Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the time ~Oswald Chambers

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Her Day

For over 8 months she's waited.
Waited and watched while birthday after birthday has rolled through this house.
First a sister.
Then a brother.
Then another brother.
Then her little sister.
"How much days till my birthday?" she would wonder.
And she kept a calendar on her desk marking off the days one by one.
Until today.
Finally, it was her day.
I asked her what was done to celebrate her birthday when she lived in China.
Did your friends do anything?

But you knew that it was your birthday?
Eight birthdays had come and gone and yet no one had stopped to celebrate the life of this precious girl.
Until today.
Today we stopped.
And today we celebrated.
Today she was our princess and she played the part beautifully.
Proudly wearing her tiara out to lunch, to Chinese class, and at the dinner table.
"Is it mine?" she repeatedly asked. 
All yours, we said.
"Do they make it in pink instead of purple?  'Cause I like pink."
So very Lily.
Every present was opened with such care.
She delighted in each gift and methodically put it back in its place before moving on to the next one.
Eyes wide with wonder.
To say she's a "good kid" is a significant understatement.  She's a phenomenal kid.
To say that adopting an older child is "challenging" is an even greater understatement.  It is flat out hard.

But to see the joy that radiated from her sweet face as we tucked her into bed tonight wearing her new pink bathrobe with her name embroidered across the front, makes everything,
absolutely, positively worth it.