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Friday, February 27, 2009

Have Passport, Will Travel

We received Lia's Chinese passport yesterday which means she is free to roam about the country. Today at 1 pm, we leave Guangxi for Guangzhou which is in the Guangdong province. About an hour's flight east. It is there at the US Consulate that we receive Lia's visa which allows us to bring her back into the US next Friday.

It's definitely with mixed emotions that we leave Guangxi. There's much more of this land that I'd like to see, but there's also much more waiting for us in what lies ahead.

By the way, Lia is doing much better. Last night while Skyping with our kids back home, she was chowing down on Gerber puffs as if she were eating popcorn at the movies. Yesterday morning, I wasn't even sure she could pick up a puff on her own and now she's digging into the bottle and stuffing her face with handfuls at a time. And she was giggling with her cousins (thanks Lindsey and Rachel)! Makes me realize how much she's been through in the past few days and that there's obviously much more to this sweet girl that we'll get to know in due time.

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  1. Hope y'all have a great plane ride to Guangzhou. As amazing as your trip has been it'sfixing to be even more fun cause there is lots of Shopping!!! Yeah


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