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Friday, February 27, 2009

View from a Chinese Village

Today Mary took us to the village of the Zhaung people which is located about an hour outside of Nanning. Half of the people in Lia's birthplace, Beiliu City, are of the Zhaung people group, so this was especially meaningful to us.
The highlight of the trip was a conversation with the woman in the last picture. She is a gardener who put all 4 of her children through the University by growing tomatoes (yes, tomatoes). As is evidenced in that last picture: she had a beauty in her smile and in her spirit that was obvious to us all.


  1. I think this is the most amazing post--and one that Lia will so appreciate as she fills in the blanks of her life before she joined your family. It is soooo obvious to me that these people are a happy and content people. Even the older people sitting at the store front--they look happy! Just goes to show--you "those who are the richest are not those that have the most, but need the least" to be happy. What an amazing inspirational story this woman has. Wow. Lia comes by her beauty naturally! :) This day must be sooooo sweet for you! I pray we have a day like this with Izabella on our trip. Thanks for sharing your journey Angela it's so beautiful.

  2. What an opportunity! You've seen a part of China that I have yet to experience, thank you for sharing! I am sure that so many emotions were swirling, one day I'd love to read more...
    Safe travels to Guangzhou!

  3. These pictures are awesome! I know they will be precious to Lia someday and help the rest of your family understand more about who Lia is. I am so thankful you have had a wonderful trip... What a gift. Even though I usually can't post anything (you can only post from Africa in the middle of the night apparently!)please know we are following closely. I can't wait to see the much anticipated reunion pictures from Bridgewater!
    Fondly, Kristin

  4. Great Pictures Angela.I'm so glad y'all jumped out there and took them. Really they are really great pictures.


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