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Saturday, February 28, 2009

New City, New Friends, Same Old Congee

We arrived in Guangzhou this afternoon with the only scary part of the trip being the realization that on Friday we will have to do the same thing again for 15 times as long when we fly from Hong Kong back to Newark. Ouch.

I'm looking forward to exploring (a.k.a. shopping) around Guangzhou tomorrow. It already seems like a different kind of China than the China of Guangxi, but we'll see. Another benefit to being here is that we get to meet up with all the other families from our group who met their children in their various provinces earlier this week. For us, it is the first time we have met any of them, since we were not in Beijing at the beginning of the trip.

We were pretty worn out after another day of traveling so we decided to lay low and do room service tonight. Lia had what she's had for dinner (and breakfast, and lunch) every night...congee. It's like rice mush with some meat thrown in it. Her congee of choice is chicken. It's about all she'll eat, save for some fruit, and the ever popular Gerber puffs. And her pipes have, how shall we say, suffered from the lack of fiber.

So before we left Guangxi, Mary, our ever faithful guide, left us with one last piece of Chinese culture. I don't know what you call it, but the picture on the front of the box says it all: the happy baby with the mighty colon. One dose of that and everything was moving right along in just a few hours. Ancient Chinese secret.

Our bathing beauty is now ready for bed and so are we!


  1. It appears that Lia will be able to teach Alex a thing or two about bathing and enjoying it:) She really is precious and it's good to know there will be a couple of universal things she will be able to enjoy even on the other side of the world! emily

  2. and now I must only took me half of your trip to be able to post a comment. Thanks only to faithful friends who are always teaching me new things and helping me out, thanks Deb. emily

  3. Almost done! Guangzhou was a totally different change of pace. Enjoy browsing, take lots of photos, and continue to have a great time. I love seeing your photos. You are such a faithful poster! :) Amy

  4. The natural beauty inside her is starting the peek through--just sweet as all get out! Ok that sounded a little hillbilly. But so the look in her eye and just a baby crack of a smile. you scroll through the pics you can see her transforming before your eyes--I'm sure the first hand view is blinding! :)

  5. Reading all about Lia and your journey together is a highlight for me every day. She is precious. Thanks for sharing all that you do.

  6. Looks like she's enjoying her bath a little more. She is so precious! We love her already!

    Angie and family


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