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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shopping on Shaiman Island

Lia is not a morning person. Her paperwork said that her day starts at 6 am. Apparently, not anymore. Every morning so far, she sleeps in until about 8 or so and then lays in bed for the longest time sucking her left thumb with her right arm over her eyes as if to say, "Hey, can't a girl get any rest around here?"

This morning, we had to wake her up in order to get breakfast and be downstairs in time for our shopping trip to Shaiman Island. The area was beautiful, even with overcast skies, and there were many brides there having their portraits made outside.

Here at these shops you are expected to barter (which I don't enjoy doing). And after our first attempt, it was obvious I don't do it well. We were haggling with a merchant over a couple of items and got him down to half price. I agreed to the deal even though I still thought the items were a little overpriced. Next store....same items....half price to start with. Ugh. Put a damper on the rest of the trip.

In the end, though, we were able to pick up some things which we really liked and which will help us remember our time here in China.
And Lia proved to be quite the shopper. First store we went to , she grabbed a dress right off the shelf and held on for dear life. I like a woman who knows what she wants.

And really, who's gonna say "no" to that face?


  1. Lia's giggle is delicious! Made me cry to hear it! Oh, we are just so happy for you guys! The Lord is so good! Love, Cathy

  2. Wow...look at those eye lashes! I'm telling you honestly, Lia is one of the most beautiful little girls I've ever seen! Love the story about the dress! The video is priceless!

    I'm with you--I hate haggling over the price of something! Jut a tip--when I was in Mexico--a friend gave me come great advice, she said if you can't get the item down where you're comfortable, walk away, you'll be surprised what happens. Or come back works. :)

    So happy to see all is going soooo smooth for you! Praying this continues--for a lifetime!


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