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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Room Time

This morning, while our guides were taking our paperwork to the US Consulate to obtain Lia's visa, we needed to stay in our hotel room to be available to answer any questions that might arise during the process.

So, you know what that means.....PHOTO SHOOT!
Notice the hair bow strategically placed farther back on her head....
...and the look of pure joy as it's discovered and thrown to the floor :)
The million dollar smile
TOTALLY wrapped around her little finger

After an exhausting photo session....

...we finally received the much anticipated phone call that all went well at the Consulate which means we are one step closer to being where we all want to be.....home!


  1. We have that same blanket. Did Lady bugs get her that from y'all. We got lucky with the hair stuff. Matti is two so we taught her the word no so she had to leave her glasses on and leave her hair alone. She does pretty good. Sometimes she goes for a hat when we are not

  2. That million dollar smile is a winner! Maybe we can arrange something for Caleb and Lia... ;)
    Congrats on "passing the consulate!"


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