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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yuntai Garden

This morning was a sightseeing trip to Yuntai Garden. If there's one thing the Chinese do well, it's parks and gardens. We still haven't seen the sun since arriving in Guangzhou but we continue to enjoy our outdoor trips around the city. Here are some pictures of the gardens followed by some shots of my favorite little flower.

Tomorrow is Lia's medical exam and then more shopping on Shaiman Island. I do hope we spend more time doing the latter than the former.


  1. Oh yes have fun shopping. The medical exam is quite entertaining though. Your right China does Parks and anything the public sees pretty good. Your photo's are just beautiful. Of couse you have a great cute little subject to shoot.

  2. Oh look at that smile! She's gonna melt hearts ~ I'm sure yours is a puddle already!

  3. What a beautiful little Taylor! I think you and my friend from JMU were both at the Guangzhou Medical Center on the same day. They just got their 2nd daughter last Monday and they had their exam today (Monday March 2) in the "examination room for adopted children" in Guangzhou. Hope you guys are doing well! Will continue to pray for your safe return. The Hintons


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