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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sibling Love

With all this attention, there's not a chance she won't be spoiled.
Lia is developing neat and unique relationships with each of her siblings. Michael is the eldest and she is already beginning to think that he hung the moon. Here they are in action together:


  1. Anglea--thisi is so precious. I love the video. The giggle is wonderful--I had to play it 3 times--I enjoyed it so much. And I might visit again just to watch it. :) So happy everything is going so smoothly for Lia and you all.

    Love, Lisa A

  2. Angela you are so great with the blog. My kids are loving Lia from afar via your blog. Lara wants to stay home from school so she'll have enough energy to meet you at the park today so she can see Lia...she's worried if she goes to school she might be too tired or have too much work. Priorities!

  3. Angela,
    What sweet pictures of Lia with her siblings. Looks like she is showing more of her adorable self the more she is at home. I wish we were close enough but since you are THE blogger from our China trip, I will continue to follow.

    Love from TX,
    home for almost 2 weeks:)


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