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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Veggie Tales

Last night, several members of our group walked over to Pizza Hut for dinner. In the ongoing attempt to get Lia to eat something other than congee, we ordered a trip to the salad bar and tried a few things: peas (nope), corn (no way), cucumber (not going to happen). So when Scott and I finally got our dinners, we made one final attempt: mashed potatoes (bingo)! She ate both his serving and mine in addition to a little watermelon. Not the American Pediatric Association's recommended diet by any means, but it's a start.

Note to Reader: This is not your father's Pizza Hut. Scott and I both had beef tenderloin kabobs (which were excellent) and the menu also offered choices like lamb, filet of sole, chicken and salmon dishes as well as an extensive wine list. Who knew?


  1. Those eyes tell the whole story! :) Pizza Hut FISH? Hmmm...interesting. When I look at her referral and "care package" pictures...compared to's so amazing how you've breathed life into this beautiful little soul. Simply amazing to watch!

    Love, Lisa A

  2. TO CUTE!!!! I have an ear infection and looking at Lia just makes me forget about the pain[ THANK GOODNESs!]I can't wait to see her in person - Madeline

  3. This picture of Lia looks a lot like Alex, don't you think? Your sweet Alex was very chatty during Children's Church this morning . . . we were talking about parties (the wedding feast), and he must really like parties! He is so cute! Thanks so much for keeping us all updated! You are missing 3-5 inches of snow (predicted -- we will see if it actually falls), so enjoy your warm China weather!
    Love, Christy

  4. Yeah we had the All American when we went to Pizza hut in Beijing (pepperoni Pizza)But man your right there was some weird freaky stuffon the menue. I'm so glad you got little miss thang to eat something besides soggy rice. So mashed potatoes and watermelon I'm pretty sure thats all ya body needs LOL

  5. The gardens are beautiful, sort of puts Parks & Rec to shame, but then again I must remember to be thankful for what we do have, excellent play structures! She is looking so much closer to have a cup full of love inside!

  6. Mashed potatoes are at least a start...


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