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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lia's Doing Great, Mommy's Losing It

Lia has had a great couple of days. She's laughing and enjoying herself with the kids (even played a little soccer with Alex outside). She eats a great breakfast (1 out of 3 meals isn't bad, right?) and takes a much-needed (by me) afternoon nap.

Her night time sleep on the other hand could use a little work. She, along with Scott and I, are still recovering from jet lag, I suppose. And sleep deprivation can do funny things to your mental (physical, emotional, spiritual, need I go on?) state. That's where I am today.

After taking almost 3 hours to finally find clothes for myself and put them on, I spent the rest of the morning doing a lot of something, but for the life of me I couldn't tell you what. I'm a task-oriented person and lately, there aren't many tasks getting done.

It's a good lesson (and one that I never seem to learn). There are more important things to focus my attention on these days other than the piles of laundry and bathroom cleaning that always need to be done. Besides, those two chores are among the many that always seem to be right there waiting for me whenever I have a chance to return :)

Some pictures over the past few days:

Future Jedi warrior? Yes, if big brothers have any input.

Love the "don't mess with me" look.

Meeting a new family member...she is totally unafraid of Caspian, our 115 pound scaredy-cat.

He's so engrossed in his show....

...that he totally doesn't see her make off with the coveted Lightning McQueen milk cup.

She's still deciding if she likes pretzels

Lauren discovers that Lia is ticklish
PS Thank you to all my friends and family who have helped us while we were gone and since we've returned! Don't know what I do without you all!


  1. The sleep thing will work itself out (for you anyway) in a few more days, I promise. With Lia it may take a bit longer, but you'll be coming out of that fog and able to concentrate ~ somewhat ~ again soon! I so remember your pain on that one, Ian had to work about 70 hours the first week we were home for a project at work and there I was, totally jet-lagged, in a new city, with two two year olds also on a different time zone. I don't recall much of that week except what I caught in pictures...
    Breakfast was also Caleb's most dependable meal of the day at first. We are FINALLY getting to a point that he is not as picky.
    Is Caspian a Golden? If so we thought our Maya was big at 85 pounds...

  2. I love my sleep so I really feel for y'all. I am though really happy that your kids are getting along so well, Even the family dog Likes her. That is way cool. Hang in there sleep will come and those chores will get done also. I think in our agency fees we should get 1 month house cleaning included and maybe even meals. It should would make for a better transition in my book.:)

  3. Come over and take a look at my house if you need to feel better. We have the lilypad thing going in most of our rooms (clear spots on the floor where you can step to get through the room).

    Praying for rest for you all.


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