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Monday, January 3, 2011

What's a mom to do...

...when she discovers that cirque du soleil type acrobatics are being performed in her home?

You remember, the "how on earth did he land without a trip to the ER" swan dive?

And the "Carly canon ball..."

...only to be superceded by the "Carly scissor kick?"


You break down and buy them one of these.

And then you stand at your kitchen window... cup in hand...

...and watch them bounce themselves... the point of exhaustion...

...and wonder why on earth you didn't think of doing this sooner.


  1. Love it!!!

    Now get packing, girl!

  2. Girl how did you last this long without one?! I think we have matching trampolines! That pic of your little one crashed out on the couch is pure sweetness! Can't wait for our breakfast in just two Sundays!! Woot-woot!

  3. Love it...way to go guys!!! That gift put a smile on everyone's face. Just keep it that way...BE SAFE!!! Love to All!!

  4. Hmm, can I get me one of those?

  5. Yet another great reason for my kids to all want to visit the Taylors!


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