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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So I thought it might be time for an update on our little wildflower.

She is as adorable as you may think. 
She is hysterically funny.
Smart as a whip.
And the giggles are the real deal. 

However, she can also be a headstrong little thing and has been pushing the proverbial envelope a little more each day since we've met.

Relationally, she has hit it off tremendously with the kids.  (Have I mentioned how insane it would have been for just Scott and I to be here with her?  Oh my word...we are so boring.  What would the poor child think?)

As for her Baba, well he apparently hung the moon.  Where Baba goes, she goes.  What Baba does, she does.  It's all good there.

But Mama?  Where Mama sits, she sits on the opposite end.  When Mama plays, she sits that one out.  What Mama says, goes in one ear (if it makes it that far) and out the other.

Until tonight.

Tonight when we were at the restaurant having dinner, she and Caroline needed to go to the restroom.  I took them both and Lily finished first.  I asked her to wait with me until Carly was done. 

Her response?  Open the door and make a beeline back to the table (which was a decent distance from the bathroom).

I'm sure she would have made it back to the table just fine but that wasn't the point.  The point was "Mama said."   So I flung open the door, chased her down, brought her back to the bathroom and said, "We are waiting for Caroline." 

Second response?  I hear "hrrrmph" and then off she marched again, a little bit faster, back to the table.  Half way there I caught her, brought her back and restated my request a little more clearly and a little more firmly. 

That did it.  She plopped to the floor protesting and pouting but now waiting with me until Caroline came out. It wasn't joyful obedience but it was obedience and it was a start.

We then found the rest of the group and headed home.

I'm not sure what happened from the time we left the restaurant to the time we reached the hotel room, but one thing seemed clear to me...Mama suddenly had earned some street cred.

'Cause from that point on it was "OK, Mama," "Please, Mama," "Thank you, Mama" and the like.  And she seemed to really mean it.  Like I was growing on her a little.

Baby steps.  But I'll take it.


  1. Sounds like good progress to me! :0)

  2. good for you mama!!!! i think she just needs to know that you're the boss- kids need to know where those boundaries are and when they cannot be crossed-- they need that safety and security! and i know with a newly adopted child it's often hard to draw those boundaries-- but they need them even more since they have grown up without them:) way to go!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Good to know she's realizing what everyone else who knows you thinks: you're a great mom! We'll be praying for your trip back - that long plane ride is another great opportunity for the kids to entertain Lily. Tell them all we said "hi!"

  4. Baby steps are good...
    Praying that they continue to step in the right direction!

  5. Angela, I've always said you are one tough Mom, but let me tell you - you are the best and so loving. I know you are a great Mother and the children know it. Lily is learning little by little. Now I truly understand another reason for having the older children with you. Can't wait for next week. I hope to see you all soon. I know God will keep guiding you all. Lots of love, Mom

  6. That is so awesome!
    Good for you!!
    It really made me smile.
    : )

  7. Isn't amazing how discipline and consistency communicate security. Sometimes it is hard to understand but so true. Good for you mom!

  8. :o) nice to hear you're making progress! almost time to have you all home! ::squee:: :o)

    still praying, praying, praying for all of you!!

  9. I know that was hard to do, but so glad you did it! And even got a little positive results back. Now that's encouraging!


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