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Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sweet Caroline!

Today, my sweet Carly Grace turns 9.

Family tradition says that the birthday girl gets to have lunch at the restaurant of her choosing on her special day.

But with a snowstorm on the way today, she opted for lunch out yesterday instead.

'Cause she's practical like that.

And she went to her regular joint, Mellow Mushroom.
She likes it and she knows we all like it.
And she's thoughtful like that.

And despite being one of seven at the table, she ate more than anyone else. 
'Cause she's just plain ol' determined like that.

And when the nice waitress brought her a cookie sundae, she ate that too. But was happy to share bites with the hungry onlookers.
'Cause she's generous like that.

And tonight, when her brother is home from school, and her daddy is home from work, she'll open the presents she's been waiting all day to open.

'Cause she loves her family like that.
And boy do we love her!

Happy birthday to my practical, thoughtful, determined, generous, beautiful Carly Grace!


  1. Awwww so sweet! Happy Birthday Caroline! Just to recap: your mom likes Starbucks and you like Mellow Mushroom?!!! We are going to be such great friends! :) Maybe we can all go into business together and open up a combo Bucks & Shroom. StarMellow? Bucks & Mush? Ok, clearly the title needs work....but I think we're on to something! Enjoy your special day!

  2. Hi Sweet Carly and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.What a great day for such a beautiful sweet girl. Looks like you had a wonderful lunch and some really delicious dessert. I know where I want to go next time I come for a visit. Love you lots, Nana to a VERY SWEET 9 YEAR OLD!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Caroline! My niece is also Caroline Grace (after me because my middle name is Caroline) and is called Carly. Glad everyone had fun celebrating!!

  4. I hope you had a wonderful birthday Caroline! Enjoy your upcoming trip and meeting your newest sister Lily in person!!!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet girl...We totally agree, you are one special young lady. So glad you had a great birthday (all three days of it, or was it four) Love you sweetie!!!!

  6. Sounds like it was the perfect celebration for a precious girl!

  7. Happy Birthday Caroline! We love and miss you. Have a great trip.


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