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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Still Motoring Along....

Well we're on day 3 and things seem to be continuing in the right direction.  I have seen some glimpses of things that could be challenging as time goes on but that's to be expected.   There's so much to write about but I can't seem to find the time or brain capacity to do it.

She just started referring to us by our names.  Hadn't heard much of that but when I was late coming out of Starbucks behind the rest of them (go figure, I know) she asked, "Where's Mama?" and then did the same for Scott when he was missing.  I can't believe how well she has responded considering all she's been through.  I keep waiting for something major to happen (and it still may) but for now she continues to amaze me.

Today we were making her some noodles in the room and she was trying to explain to Scott how to do it.  Very funny.  And then we were showing her some pictures that we had of other children she knew.  She would say the name in Mandarin and then we would try to repeat it.  And we'd try and we'd try and we'd try. She'd just shake her head.  Couldn't get it.  As Scott said earlier, "When the Lord came down and confused the languages at the Tower of Babel, He did a bang up job."

Some pictures from today and yesterday...

She loves jewelry and we bought her a couple of things from Gifts From China

Carly being Carly

Playing with the yo-yo she bought.  I have no idea who that strange man is.

After a long afternoon playing outside, these 3 got cleaned up and settled in for a movie.

Preschoolers out for a walk.  Adorable, yes?

Having fun with Daddy

They love this sidewalk park that has all sorts of rides and exercise equipment

What's better than playing with a feather ?

Playing with a feather with Daddy!

She loves electronics and has had fun with our phones

This sweet little girl in pink is Grace.  She is from Guangxi like Lia and reminded us so much of her.

So many fun statues to pose with

The girls have loved learning to play hacky bird with the locals.
Thanks again to everyone for all of your prayers.  We know they are effective.  And we are thankful that things have been going so well even though I'm sure there will be challenging days ahead.

We are now off to the police station for her passport and then to the local department store.  From what I hear that should be quite the shopping trip.


  1. What sweet memories this brings back! We loved this area and the beauty surrounding it. She is such an amazing girl and her smile can melt hearts. Praying your trip goes well and the adjustment continues well.

  2. She is such a doll- I can almost hear giggles in the pictures!! Everyone looks so comfortable together! It's so heartwarming!!

    Praying all continues to move forward smoothly!

    I bet hearing her call you Mama & Daddy was incredible!

  3. Loving your blog. Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. Hi Sweetie, Thanks for all the great pictures and comments to go with them. If anyone can accomplish those challenges, it will be you, Scott and the other children to help you. God will see you all through this as He has been with you all this way. Lily is so cute and I will be glad when you all are home. Love you, Mom

  5. Congratulations! Lily is adorable and seems to be a perfect fit for your family!!

    Does she ever stop smiling! ;-) She makes me want to smile back!!

  6. Angela,
    Oh did this post bring a HUGE smile to my face. The pictures of Lily playing with her daddy are beyond precious. And I also was touched by the one of the girls with wet hair snuggling down into the bed to watch a movie.
    I'll be praying for you guys that the potentially challenging things will be a very minor bump in the road of you becoming a cohesive family unit.
    And I'm praying for your Mama's heart as I know that being there without Lia and Alex must be so difficult, especially when you see little ones that look like her.
    Good luck with your "Tower of Babel" language issues. (Great comment by Scott!)

  7. She looks so happy! Congratulations on your new daughter!!!


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