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Saturday, January 1, 2011


I have one more picture to post of Lily. (OK, actually I have several more but I'm trying to pace myself...)

This one was posted on Kim's blog this morning.

It is Lily holding the picture that Lauren drew of our family.

Our family as she sees it.

Because Lauren doesn't need to wait for any government to validate what she already knows in her heart.

Lily is her sister.

Our daughter.

A part of our family.

And only a few short days and a little air space continue to separate us.


  1. I love how she wrote "Our" Mom and "Our" Dad (and of course 'our' dog).

  2. First of all this is precious! The look on her face is priceless! And the picture--you have quite the artist on your hands-beautiful art.

  3. Look at that smile! Lily is beautiful!!

  4. I'm sure the real photo made Lily happy, but that drawing had to resonate on an even deeper level. With that she could see that her sister already includes and loves her as part of the family. So sweet!


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