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Saturday, January 22, 2011

On the Downhill Slide

Made it through the dreaded medical exam today.  And the last bit of paperwork to apply for her visa. Six more days and then it's home sweet home.

Lily continues to make us laugh.  We visited the emperor's tomb here in Guangzhou and there was a guard posted at the door.  She went up to him, snapped to attention, and made this normally stoic soldier crack a smile.

I think she knows a lot more English than she lets on.  Today she was pushing an empty stroller down the street and we were joking about who should be riding in it.  She stopped held up 3 little fingers and out of the blue said, "Lia" because she knows Lia is 3.  One of her favorite jobs at the orphanage was to play with the little children.  I am very eager to see her interact with Alex and Lia once we get home.

And if you're wondering why we had an empty stroller in the first place, we were returning it to the store that let us borrow it to cart all our clean laundry back to the hotel.  We made quite the scene.  As we were paying, the woman who did our laundry remarked, "In all my years, I never see so much laundry."  That ain't even the half of it sister!

Tomorrow we hit the jade market and Monday the pearl market.  I humbly commit to do my part to stimulate the Chinese economy in whatever way possible these next 2 days.  Really, it's the least I can do.

A few more pictures...
Practicing blowing bubbles with Lauren

Lily with our guide, Connie

Feeding fish at the park

Our little baby :)

Caroline pushing our laundry back to the hotel


More cuteness

Being silly
Two can play that game :)

They have the best statues here

Two to tango

Sisters are the best


  1. I love watching 'how the Taylors do China'! Still praying and still really enjoying your blog Angela :)

  2. Love the pic of the sisters holding hands. Blessings

  3. So glad that things are going so well with Lily. What a precious girl, and a beautiful family!


  4. love it!!! what a cutie:) make sure to go to susan's place for great tea-- the ginseng is the best (sonia is supposed to go there and haggle for my tea:)
    and yes-- i do fell it is your duty to help stimulate the Chinese economy- as it will produce a ripple effect that will help ours-- I think buying a Jade bangle is a great way to do that-- you wear it- and it does not add to your baggage!!!

  5. Angie, I am so happy to see such sweet, happy smiles on everybody's adorable faces. Yes, that includes you and Scott. What great pictures.I am so glad the med. exam is over and time is getting close to coming home. By the way, I like bangles, too. Keep doing what you guys are doing. Lily is going to be such a blessing to all as you all will be to her.God Bless!!!! Love, Mom

  6. I LOVE that last picture! So, so precious. Another favorite is the one of you and Scott, but it is easy to overlook with the sweetness of your girls holding hands...

  7. Great pictures...everyone seems to be having such a great time!!! Lia and I sit and look and she names every one as I point to them. Today she said WAIT..WAIT..WHATZ ZAT...WHATZ ZAT........OH,MOMMY!!!HA, HA, HA!!!!She giggled and laughed and had to go back and look and look!!! That silly shot was definitely a hit. As for how they will interact...Lia already has a degree in "This Is How To Do It" from the School of MOMMY SAID!!! so good luck. Love to All!!!

  8. SO much cuteness and silliness! :oP

  9. What an amazing journey. Praying for your family as you bring Lily home!


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