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Sunday, January 9, 2011

To The Victor

Yesterday was our marathon shopping trip to pick up the all the "essentials" for China.

We pillaged Target.

We plundered Walmart.

And today, I sort through the spoils of our victory and try to make it all fit into our alloted suitcases.

Some of my "must-haves"...
Tylenol PM to hopefully knock us out on the flight so when we arrive at 11 pm, we'll feel like going to bed.  Not like eating lunch.

Just in case the Tylenol PM is a complete bust

For all the stories we've heard about motion sickness being a problem, especially on the 3 hour trip to the orphanage

This was a "must-have" according to Lauren and Caroline.  Matching lady bug shirts for all my smiley girls.  How could I say no to that?

And as you can imagine there is much, much, more.

My goal is to fit everything in 3 checked bags, a few carry-ons, and the kids backpacks.

Not bad for 5-6 travelers going for 2 weeks. 


  1. The girls are SO right, those tshirts are the best! and definitely a must have. Can't wait to see a picture of all the girls together wearing them :)

  2. Ahhh...sweet shirts...can't wait to see the sisters all wearing them! I think you got it covered! :) Happy packing!

  3. So Michael didn't want a matching shirt?:) Those are really cute. Hope packing goes well. My aunt recently traveled to London to see her daughter for Christmas and had my flight attendant uncle repack her suitcase. Apparently using his techniques, she ended up with room to spare, overcoat, Christmas presents, all all! So if you don't already know the secrets, bet you could find them out online.

  4. Oh yes, the matching shirts. Did wonders for early bonding with my girls!
    Happy packing!


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