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Monday, March 19, 2012

Will You Help?

"Will you help?"

It's the question that awaited me in my inbox this morning.
A question posed by an extraordinary woman I had the pleasure of meeting while in China.

Hannah is the supply coordinator at the foster home we visited who fielded countless emails from me about the donations we would be bringing with us when we traveled two weeks ago.  "What kind?  How many?  Where can I find it?" were questions I besieged her with several weeks prior to our trip.  A more patient woman you will not find.

She sees those precious little ones every day.  She knows them well and she loves them deeply. I have seen it with my own eyes.

And she knows the pain of loss when sickness overtakes them and their Father takes them home.

Last year, Hannah's life was forever changed when Paige, one of the foster home babies, lost her battle with heart disease.  Paige's brief but beautiful life left a lasting impression on many.  Likewise, Hannah's friend, Lindsay, also a volunteer there, experienced the same pain four years ago when she had to say goodbye to precious Liu Yi, another heart baby who would have been four years old this month.

To honor the lives of these little ones, and the love that they continue to carry for them in their hearts, Hannah and Lindsay are raising money to provide two babies who currently reside at the foster home with heart surgeries that they desperately need.

Meet Tabitha.

 And Lydia.

Beautiful girls whose hearts are in desperate need of repair.

I had the joy of spending hours and hours with Tabitha a few weeks ago (feeding her, holding her, kissing those glorious cheeks) and I would do anything to make that surgery possible for her.  For both of them.

Hannah and Lindsay have taken on the challenge of raising $14,000.  The amount required for both girls to have the surgeries they need.  There is a Chip In bar in the top left corner of the blog where donations can be made. 

It is a big amount.
But you know as well as I..
He is much, much bigger.

So I encourage you...

Read their story.
Watch their video.
Hope with them.
Give to them.
Love them.

And pray.
Pray that these two tiny treasures would find healing for their hearts in every sense of the word.

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