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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Lunar Market

Today at lunch one of the long term volunteers here offered to take us to the Lunar Market which springs up down the street from the foster home every so often. 

That was an experience we didn’t want to miss.

They lined the streets and gravel lots to sell their wares.

Everything from shoes, to fish, to fruits and vegetables.

Herbs, noodles, handmade pots and pans.
And believe it or not...toilet paper.

It was like Costco as an open-air market in a small China Village.  
Go figure.

We bought our lunch from one of the vendors there who made what was called an egg pancake.  It tastes just like it sounds with a batter base to which they add egg, scallions, what looked like a huge chunk of waffle cone and then spices.  You can get it spicy or non-spicy.  We took the wimpy way out but it was still pretty good.

I was so glad we braved the blustery wind and made the walk over to the village.

Because this is the China I love.

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  1. Your love for these people and this culture really shows in these photos. Thanks for sharing them! We're praying for you!


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