Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the time ~Oswald Chambers

Thursday, March 8, 2012

He Is Here

In the feeding of bottles
And the spooning of cereal
In the wiping of faces
And the wiping of tears

He is here

As cleft lips are kissed
And toes are rubbed
And smiles are coaxed

He is here

In the sicknesses
In the surgeries
In the uncertainties

He is here

In the lullabies that are sung
And the books that are read
And the prayers that are whispered
Pleading for health
For hope
For home

He is here

And I find that this call to go
To the poor, the outcast, the defenseless
To give, to serve, to love
Is also a call to come
To come and find Him
In these faces
In these smiles
In these tears

Because He hears their cries
He knows their needs
And in Him they find mercy

As a Father to the fatherless
He is here

"Though my father and mother forsake me, the LORD will receive me."  Psalm 27:10


  1. Sniff, sob, snot bugger, snot bugger. Beautiful last two posts friend. Gracious. So thankful that you are there loving on those babies.

  2. Angela, What a beautiful tribute to God and those sweet children. Such a blessing to Him, them, you and my Grandchildren. I thank our Lord for such a gracious, loving, wonderful Daughter. I love Him for giving you to all of us. Love you, Mom

  3. Angela, this is beautifully written and so true. What a convicting post!
    May we repost it on WAGI? Since you've contributed in the past, we can just use your same bio and pic.
    Let me know!
    co-administrator of WAGI
    smurphy 28 @ juno . com

  4. Hi, Angela...this is Abby from WAGI. I just wanted to let you know that this post will be featured tomorrow on the grafted website. Thanks for letting us share!

  5. abbylakers @ gmail . com

    in case you have any questions...


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