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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Time in the Pre-School

Tuesday morning Michael, Lauren, and I divided up and we each spent time with the three different age groups.  That meant  I was able to be with the pre-schoolers while Michael played with the toddlers and Lauren went back to be with the babies.  They have a wonderful pre-school here and do such a good job working with the kids and helping them stay on track (or catch up) developmentally.  And the stories that are represented in that room are simply amazing.

Kids who were never supposed to be able to walk have taken their first steps.
Kids who were diagnosed with complex heart problems have been miraculously healed.
Kids who weren’t given much hope have found hope.  
And so much more.

Many are waiting for their families to finish the paperwork process and come to take them home.  One little girl received a package from her Mama and Baba in America this morning.  She changed into her new clothes and shared the candy she received with her classmates.  She was so excited to see she had a package and you could hear the ripple around the room as they all whispered “Mama and Baba” when she was told who it was from.

What joy it brought that little girl to receive her package.
What greater joy it brings her to know she has a family that loves her.
We are praying that soon all these little ones will know that joy of having a Mama and Baba who love them and who are coming soon to bring them home.


  1. So touching. Thank you for the email, I loved the pictures. Your own children look so happy. What a blessing for you all to share this!

  2. Love the updates and the precious story of the package from Mama and Baba!


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