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Friday, April 8, 2011

Working together

Since becoming a family the size of a softball team (minus one), we are continually learning to coexist in harmony with one another.

Sanctification 101 I like to call it.

There are toys to be shared.
Space to be acknowledged.
Tongues to be held.
And so on.

It's a loud and messy process.

But sometimes, just sometimes, I find that in an occasional glorious moment or two, all the little ones will disappear upstairs plotting, planning, and preparing their next big project.  They work together and they do it (be still my heart) nicely.
Can you hear the angels singing?  Oh I do.

Here is a glimpse of what they surprised us with tonight.

Panda girl

Bunny boy

One little piggy complete with "pig food"
Strawberry the puppy

And Coco the cookie loving dog
A little construction paper, a dose of creativity and a sprinkling of collaborative efforts make for one huge mess to clean up and one happy momma. :)


  1. Wow! So creative and cute. Yay for harmony!

  2. I love it when kids use their imaginations!

  3. Sanctificaiton 101, haha! I like it, Angela!

    Those moments are finally starting to happen more and more around here and I LOVE it!!

  4. Hi Angela, What precious memories you will have - and yes, you will get through each "Little?" process in the long run of things. What creative ideas my grandchildren have. Where do you suppose they get that/or perhaps who do you suppose they get that from?

  5. I'm so showing my kids these pictures! I'd love to see a little more concentrated effort than cut up scraps glued to construction paper...

  6. Your blog makes me so happy! It really does bring so much joy! I also love your "Sanctification 101" I love when those nice and quiet moments actually happen at my house for a while too. :)


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