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Monday, April 18, 2011

Workin' It...

Most of our Sunday was spent outside.
We pulled out some old toys that were new to some.

Seems like some much needed sunshine put a little bounce in all of us...

Well, almost all of us...

We were plum worn out by dinner time.
So when the kids asked to make s'mores over a fire for dessert, I wasn't surprised to hear Scott answer that another night would be better.

That's when they made their move.
"But Lily's never had s'mores before."

Not missing a beat, she cocked her head, batted her eyes, folded her hands and chimed in "Please!"
"Please, please, pleeeeeeease!"

Oooh they're good.

And as for the s'mores...

...a half-dozen marshmallow covered faces indicated that they weren't too shabby either!


  1. Hmm something tells me that she likey very much! We just had a few inches of snow overnight so it'll be awhile yet before we can make smores...YUM! Can't wait!

  2. Oh Angela she looks GREAT! Wow, you can really see the light in her eyes coming on! I love, love, love watching that happen. I don't know what it is exactly but there is definitely "the look" when these kids first come home and then over time that look is replaced by light and my friend, home-girl got light!

  3. Nothing like the satisfied smile at the first taste of smores!

  4. What fun! Such precious kiddos.


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