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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Learning to Love

Lately, there are some days when I feel like my wardrobe should primarily consist of black and white vertical stripes accessorized by a whistle around my neck.

And the phrase, "Can't we all just get along?" echoes in the recesses of my mind.

And then there are days like today.

Days where I see them sacrifice for one another.
Help one another.
Love one another.

Today Caroline spent the better part of her free time teaching Lily how to ripstick.
And both were eager to show me her progress.

So out came the camera.
For them and for me.
Because when we're facing another day where the whistle continually blows and time outs abound, these are the kinds of moments I want to remember.


  1. Well, if you pick up a pair of those black & white stripes...send me one, would you? How I cherish the days when they love!

  2. Sometimes I feel so alone in my black and white stripes . . . thanks for sharing and reminding me to cherish the "moments"


  3. Been going through that here as well...we just had a birthday and from our RADiant One, Sunshine, and his equally anxious brother just can't handle that very well. Party day had me nearly hitchhiking to the funny farm...but we got through it! I'll blow the whistle in honor of you!

  4. Way to catch a beautiful memory despite the warring. I remember those days so well.
    Praying you all through them...

  5. That's what I'm missing!....the whistle!! (Way to go Lily and Caroline! Good work!)

  6. That was really great girls...Carly you are an amazing teacher and Lily you are a great student. I expect to see you guys racing by the time I get to see you again. Have lots of fun!!!Love You!!!

  7. AWESOME!!! Girl I totally resonate with the referee thing. Ain't it the truth?! Thanks for this encouraging update! :)

  8. WOW!! Caroline you are certainly a teacher (patience is most definitely your virtue); and Lily you are a great student because of your perseverence. Can't wait to see how much more you have learned. Hang in there both of you.
    Love to all, Nana


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