Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the time ~Oswald Chambers

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Excuse Me...

...has anyone seen my little boy?

He was just here a minute ago.  Or at least that what it seems like.

Wasn't it only yesterday that we were sprawled out on the floor together learning our ABC's and reading "Go Dog Go" for the 1000th time?

Building Legos.  Watching Blue's Clues.  Playing in the sandbox.

Today he was all decked out for a special school assembly and as he sat beside me in the van... all arms, legs, and facial hair...critiquing my lack of  driving skills with vocabulary words I've never heard of, I realized that my little boy is quickly growing into a young man.

And although those days when I was smarter than him of dump trucks and dinosaurs are a thing of the past...

...he will always, always, always be my little boy.


  1. Where did the time go? What a wonderful handsome young man we have there!!! Love you Michael, but where is Pooh, Tiger, and 'man' the dough boy, and the little guy that rode the red wagon all day during Bridgewater days??? Oh my! I think I will put my tired old body to bed!! Thanks for the wonderful post, Ang, Love You!!!

  2. Awwww, sweet Michael! Well, all I can say is that apparently those years that you invested of the quality time playing legos and trucks have reaped huge reward in the form of that Godly young man standing in front of you! What a blessing, you go mama!

  3. Sniff, sniff! Can we go back to pooh and trucks? I'm not ready for them all to grow up. Facial hair, shaving, braces . . .when did that happen? You should be so proud of him, he is a wonderful young man.


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