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Monday, April 25, 2011

Beating the Heat...

The sun has reappeared and temperatures have been rising.

Unfortunately, our pool doesn't open for a couple more weeks.

Until then, these guys have managed to improvise.

What started as a dog washing opportunity quickly morphed into 4 very big kids in 1 very small plastic pool.

It really was comical watching them through the window.  I thought about going outside and getting some pictures.

But 4 kids playing happily outside on their own for a couple of hours?  Who am I to interrupt that?

I wasnt' sure how Lily was going to handle wearing a bathing suit.

She is ULTRA modest.  In fact, she often reacted like my Lands End swim catalog needed to come in a brown paper wrapper.
I wasn't sure if we'd even get her dressed for the pool, let alone in one.
But if this first water experience is any indication, I think we have one more fish in the family.


  1. Love the picture of Alex and Lily looking at each other! Such cute expressions!


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