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Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Heroes

Darkness and rain clouds loom over our sleepy little town.
All hope for a Saturday spent enjoying some spring sunshine is lost.
And the threat of mounting laundry and evil dust bunnies seek to rob us of any and all joy this weekend.
Who will save us from our impending doom? hero...Stupendous Man

And his trusty sidekick...Bat Girl...with Bat Baby always by her side..
Together they will add life, laughter (and a little more laundry) to my otherwise gloomy Saturday...

 Once they decide they actually want to come out of the Bat Cave...

I do so love active imaginations!


  1. Cute kiddos!:) Cant wait to get my little 'Seoul' home!!

  2. Please send these "Super Heroes" my way. How cute they are and very STRONG LOOKING. I know they could "save the day" when heroism is needed. I love their imaginations. What beatiful grandchildren I have. Hope to see you all soon. Lots of love, Mom/Nana

  3. Oh stinking cute! ~Adorable little blessings~

  4. They are adorable and hilarious all rolled into two neat little packages!
    Love it!


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