Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the time ~Oswald Chambers

Friday, February 4, 2011

One Week In...

Yes, she really is that cute.

And she really is doing remarkably well after only one week at home.

She gets along great with the kids (especially the girls).  In fact, she said Caroline and Lauren were 2 of her favorite things about being here.  ( I can see that.  They are 2 of my favorite things about being here too...).

She sleeps well, eats well, helps with chores, and is so easy to get along with.  Heck, she even came over to the stove when I was making my first batch of homemade fried rice evah, tasted it, looked me square in the eye and gave me a thumbs up.  Seriously, that is saying something about her easy-going personality.

Yes, it may still be the honeymoon period but I'm going to milk it for all it's worth.

Language remains our biggest obstacle but I'm giving it time and trying to find fun ways to teach her.  Any ideas?  I'm all ears.

And yet even though her transition has been remarkably smooth there are still things that have been challenging as we grow into being a family of eight.

There's my dainty little diva who consistently needs un-divafying.

And my super-cute super-hero who can go from 0-60 in no time and needs to be reminded that though his life has just done a 360, the guard rails are still up.  You can run around like crazy within them but once you cross over them there's gonna be consequences.

And then there's the simple fact that hello I think I can officially say "I have a lot of kids."  That's a lot of organizing, compromising, and strategizing to do to keep things sane around here.

One of the perks of my jet lag is that I can get up at 4 or 5 or 6 in the morning (or all 3) with little difficulty.  It's been great to have so much time to soak in His promises before another exhausting day begins.  Many days this week have left me feeling inadequate for molding so many little hearts.  Impatience, fear, and discouragement have marked my days too often.

What a precious gift to be encouraged of His never-ending love, His perfect wisdom, His matchless strength, and His unwavering control over all the craziness that I now call...



  1. Wow. I know you must be exhausted in many ways! I often feel overwhelmed just with my three and it sometimes calms me to think, "Just today. I just need to do today." I need reminding that I don't have to worry about handling things years down the road, months, or even days, because He gives me what I need every day to get through that day. Of course when you have six kids, I'm sure that even "just today" can be quite overwhelming. I'll be praying and still looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

  2. Your newest addition is beautiful! She looks so healthy and happy. Congratulations and hoping you enjoy each and every moment.

  3. Glad things are going so well. And I would agree about the 2 things!! They seemed pretty sweet when I met them!!!

    As for the language barrier, visuals,, visuals visuals!!! Use as many pictures as possible to help communicate and at the same time learn English vocabulary.

    I have used icons from a program used for kids with autism for all my older adopted children. I cna show them the icon(picture) of what I want them to do or get or whatever and then teach them the word in English as well.

    It does get easier though. Gio has been home 7 months and he is doing great!!! Still not reading, but his communication is great. I just love hearing him putting 4-5 sentences together. It is so cute!!!

  4. So glad that you're having such encouraging time with the Lord!

    And yes, she is ADORABLE!

  5. Dressing like a rockstar must be a Taylor thing. I've seen pictures like this of each of your kids. It's nice to see the family resemblance in all your kids. :)

  6. One thing I feel certain of, even after meeting you in person only twice, is that you are adequate for the job at hand! I have no doubt that God will equip you for the task.
    When things settle out and you aren't completely exhausted, I'd love to meet your beautiful girl!


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