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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Calcium Conundrum

Just like the other Asian beauty that resides in our house, Lily does not care for milk products.

Thus making a diet "rich in calcium" well.... a bit poor.

We've tried milk in the cereal.  No thanks.
Yogurt with sprinkles.  Mmmm not so much.
Orange juice with calcium.  A sip here.  A sip there.
Cheese.  Blech. 

I was beginning to think that all hope was lost until this weekend.

That's when Lily discovered the 8th natural wonder of the world.

Milkshakes from Cook-Out.

Now that's what I'm talkin' about.

With almost 40 selections to choose from, we should be more than able to get that calcium intake up.

Her choice on Sunday was strawberry.

Fruit and calcium?  Have mercy.

I think that officially qualifies as a health shake.


  1. We basically drink water, so calcium supplements for all! Kirkman Labs has a powder that you can add to drinks, and a chewable (kind of yucky, but my littles don't have a choice). However, I'm voting for have a smart girl!

  2. Grace takes chewable calcium, drinks a little bit of rice milk and likes yogurt popsicles (frozen yogurt tubes). That's pretty much it for the calcium intake for her!

    Okay, she'd probably like the milkshakes, as well!

  3. I can't let Caleb read this post. He'll want to come live with you for his calcium intake. Cause with the exception of an occasional yogurt smoothie, the kid won't touch calcium unless it comes in the form of ice cream or milkshakes.

  4. Bok Choy has a TON of calcium. How about a small portion of Chinese food every night?


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