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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Letter to My Daughter {2 years later}

Dear Lia:
It was two years ago today that your Daddy and I left Hong Kong after a short night's sleep following our 16 hour flight from the states.  Two quick plane rides and one frantic van trip later, we entered a hotel meeting room in Guangxi, China, breathless from our travels and eager with nervous excitement of what was about to occur in a few short moments.

Before we had time to even catch our breath, there you were.  One of the most beautiful things we had ever laid eyes on.

You came around the corner in the arms of your ayi with those big brown eyes of yours roaming around the room looking for something, anything, that was familiar but finding nothing.

Within seconds she placed you in my arms and we were left speechless.

Though we were stunned by how beautiful you were and humbled that in God's perfect plan you were to be ours forever, it was obvious that you were so scared at everything that was happening around you and to you.

Your eyes brimmed with tears, your lips formed a perpetual pout, and my heart broke for what yours was going through.  How I wished one word, one hug, one kiss could reassure you and make it alright.  But I knew better.  It would take time and consistency to build that bridge of trust from your heart to ours. 

We would later come to realize that many of your tendencies that afternoon and the days that followed were simply ways you sought to deal with these sudden changes.

The stiffness of your body even when (especially when) being held.  The way you would hold your Cheerios between your fingers but not once make any attempt to eat them or anything else for a short time.  The way your eyes were always staring but never focusing.  The silent tears that were a window to your precious little heart.

You fell asleep that first night with your clothes on, your diaper unchanged, and your dinner uneaten.  But you were finally at rest and those things could just wait until morning.

Days passed.  We returned home, and slowly we began to see more and more of who you really were.  A precious flower was beginning to bloom before our very eyes.

Smiles began to dance across your face.
Toddles turned into steps.
Words came.

And now, two years later, those first few weeks in China seem like an eternity ago.

Each new day is counted as a gift from Him to know you just a little more... the princess of the house wielding your authority effortlessly despite your tiny 25 pound frame. the performer proudly belting out the latest tune you've learned from Barney when asked to (and even when you're asked "pretty please" not to). the busy little mommy bouncing your baby doll on one hip while simultaneously chatting on the phone and whipping up some breakfast for you and your brother in your play kitchen.  I watch and I learn. the snuggler who loves nothing more than curling up with your beloved blankie and baby until you drift off to the place where sweet dreams are made. the adored mei mei of the family who has all 5 olders wrapped around your itty-bitty pinky finger.  Or at least that's how you perceive it to be :)
...and especially as my beautiful little baby girl stumbling into my room each morning in your footed pajamas, hair mussed, eyes squinted shut, curling up in bed for just a  few more snuggles before the day begins.
Each day brings with it the thought that I couldn't possibly love you any more than I do today.

Only to find that every tomorrow proves me wrong.

Happy family day, sweet Lia Kate.  We are so thankful that you are here.

Forever yours,


  1. Happy Family Day Lia!! It seems like so long ago that you came into our family and we are soooo thankful for you and blessed by you! We love you!

  2. Happy Family Day Lia Kate!!! We love you so very much and are so very grateful that God saw fit to place you in our family. You are one special young lady and our lives are so blessed by you. Love you sweetheart and see you soon!!!

  3. Oh...this post has me very teary. What a beautiful girl. Happy forever family day!

  4. Happy Family Day! I remember waiting for your blog updates while you were in Nanning, as we were had just accepted a referral for our daughter from Beiliu as well. Lia looks so happy and loved...

  5. What a blessing it has been to watch her blossom through your blog...definitely not the reserved little girl we saw in Guangzhou! Happy Gotcha Day! sweet Lia!

  6. I read this post with joyful tears running down my face as it is clear how much darling little Lia is loved by her mommy!
    Happy two years!


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