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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How Ya Doin'?

I've been asked that question a lot lately and really overall things are going very, very well. I couldn't have asked for a better transition.

That being said...


Everyday brings something new or more appropriately, something routine to us but new to Lily. Thinking through ways to keep her involved, learning, engaged is challenging. She is such a trooper...trying new foods, participating in new experiences, meeting new people. I marvel at her bravery.  And I fall into bed each night...or early evening as the case may be...wiped out.

The novelty of home has started to wear off a bit but there's a problem with getting out and exploring her brand new world...

She gets carsick. And not just the kind you deal with on long trips.

It's run an errand here...get sick.

Head to an appointment there...get sick.

That makes getting out of the house for some fun...well, not so much fun.

But despite the growing pains that come with adding a new family member, we're having a great time getting to know our newest princess.  She noticed a picture of all 5 of the kids that I took out on our front porch a couple of years ago.  She decided that she wanted her own photo shoot with the same backdrop.  So out she went with my resident photographer (aka Lauren) and donned a few poses.

Her obvious cuteness and the fact that I still have a Christmas wreath hanging on my front door (that I didn't even realized was there until 2 days ago) perfectly sum up the way things have been around here these past 2 weeks.

Cute and crazy.


  1. Tired, huh? I hear ya! I feel like I'm living in a perpetual preschool with 3 young ones. Temper tantrums aside, she's a sweetie. And I'm still envious of you all going outside sans coats! Lily looks so happy!!

  2. Way to go Lauren...great photo shoot!! Can't wait to enjoy those smiles and the fun I see you guys having in person. A trip to Grandma's house will certainly not be any fun if Lily can not ride the car in comfort. Ang, so sorry you are so tired and wiped out...wish I could be there to help in some way. Love you guys, and we really enjoy the pictures!!! (Miss my little ones..give them hugs and kisses for me)

  3. Angela,
    I LOVE that she noticed where the pictures were taken and took it upon herself to make her mark in the family photos! So self assured, so jump in there and take matters into her own hands instead of sitting back. And so DARLING while doing it!
    Bummer about the carsick thing. I should put you in touch with my sister. Her daughter seems to share the same tolerance for riding in the car...

  4. Very cute!!! However, so sorry about the carsickness stuff. That has got to be a big drag!! I hope she can outgrow it QUICKLY!!!

  5. What about Sea Bands? Those pressure point things that are supposed to be worn on the wrists to alleviate motion sickness?

  6. Oh MY GOSH! She is seriously the cutest thing EVER!!
    I love how her smile brightens her whole face. : )

  7. J got very sick in China and after we got home. EVERY SINGLE TIME we went out.

    If you are able and have not tried, allow her an open window beside her if only a crack. Our guide suggested this for J and it does work. To this day, if he opens his window, I know. But usually, if he is able to open it (even in our single-digit temps :), he does not get sick. Something about the air hitting his face.

    Re-entry is hard. Even when things are going well.

  8. And about the wreath, it is a WINTER wreath right? I mean, evergreens are part of winter not just Christmas and red berries too … ahem.

    Don't even ask if we still have an undecorated, artificial tree up in our bonus room … and we've been home 6+ months. I'm blaming it on the DH. :)


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