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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Three Amigas...

A few shots of my 3 sweeties...

All smiles

Always ready for a photo shoot

Pretty in pink

We call her Carly Grace, fair of face...can you tell why?

She went shoe shopping last week and picked out her own tennies

I love her style

Of course little Miss had to have her "shoe shot" that expression

Girls may to want have fun (and these 3 certainly do) but they also bring a lot of joy!


  1. Love the shoes Carly!

  2. Sweet Carly, I would love to have some just lke them. Can't wait to see you. What sweet, sweet, sweet faces and smiles. Love ya, Nana

  3. Way to go Caroline..Love the Colors..You did a great job. Love the girl shots, just can't beat those wonderful smiles..Love to All!! Grandma


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