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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Adoption Day Remembered...

Yesterday was Lia's adoption day. The day we made official by law what had already transpired in our hearts months earlier...she was our daughter.

Here we are with her orphanage director on Scott's right and the notary on my left.

It wasn't official till Lia signed it with that sweet little foot of hers.

What I love about this day is that she went into the appointment bearing the name of her orphanage. She left bearing the name of her father.

Last night we celebrated with Dora cupcakes and cake batter ice cream. Yeah boy.

And of course a present or two.

Her peeps weren't coming fast enough for her satisfaction so she was "encouraging" them to get a move on.

I think she liked her new "cooking" outfit.

And so did Alex. No worries, though. His man-card is still up to date and active.
Happy adoption day to our sweet girl...your family loves you a bunch!


  1. We love you too, little one and are so happy to be a part of the family that loves you so much. Love the new outfit!! Way to Go Alex..we'll try out your cooking skills the next time you come to Beartown...Love to All..See you soon we hope.. Grandma and Pop Pa

  2. What a wonderful celebration day for all of you and for all of us. We loved her from the day we first saw her sweet picture and couldn't wait to hold her. Hope she will bring her "cooking attire" along with her skills to our kitchen as I could sure use some help -yelp, you, too Alex! Love you guys and we will see you soon. Nana and Granddaddy

  3. Congratulations on your one year anniversary!

    We have a similar photo with the orphanage director (as Sylvie is from the same SWI), but all the Chinese Officials are wearing medical masks due to the swine flu! Your photo looks much better!

  4. What an amazing tranformation in Lia as I look at her year old photos compared to now. I can see what a blessing your home & family has been to that ever so cute little girl. What a wonderful gift she is to you all and you all are to her, it's clearly evident.

  5. Congratulations! Wish we could have been there to celebrate that sweetie with you!


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