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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

WARNING: Never Leave Camera Unattended

When perusing through my pictures in search of one to post the other day, I came across these silly pictures that my kids had taken with their friend Lori.

Is making a fish-face a life skill? If so, my worries are over.

Lia playing along

Michael giving it a try

This one here gets him to the gold medal round in my opinion

Yeah, from now on, maybe I'll leave the camera in a safer spot :)


  1. Even though these faces were a little scary, they are still loveable. See you guys soon. Love Ya, Nana

  2. I love the fish faces, please don't start putting your camera in a 'safe' spot, look at what we would all miss out on!

  3. JUST WONDERING.....Where is Carly?????????
    Especially if Alex was at the Dr. Love to All.


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