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Saturday, February 20, 2010

We're Going to Cameron, Baby...

That's right...Cameron Indoor Stadium to watch the Hokies battle the Blue Devils this Sunday night at 7:45.

Scott was able to pick up a couple of tickets this week in the student section no less.

He asked a co-worker, who is a season ticket holder, if his rabid fandom for the visiting team would get him accosted since he'd be sitting with the Cameron Crazies.

The guy just looked at him quizically and said, "It's not like we're Maryland or anything."

Still, I take great comfort in the fact that if things were to get ugly there's probably at least a couple hundred doctors in the house.

Should be exciting.....and as Lia says....

Go Ho-tees!

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  1. Angela, you may be going to Cameron, but, now don't be jealous...I'm going to JWES to watch Micah battle it out with 5 other 6 year olds as they learn dribbling and passing. I know, it just doesn't quite compare now does it?
    Have a great time!


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