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Monday, February 8, 2010

Road Trip...

On Saturday night we did something rather unpredictable for us. We loaded everyone up in the van and drove an hour to Greensboro to take the kids (yes, all of them) to their first concert. There was a Winter Jam concert at the coliseum and for $10 each we got to see Newsboys (Caroline's favorite) and Third Day (my favorite) plus several other groups.
The show didn't start till 6 and by 9 we were still waiting for Third Day. By this point, Alex and Lia had exhausted their air guitars and were doing somersaults in our laps but we persevered and made it to the end. When Third Day sang "Cry Out to Jesus" Lia most certainly did but it was definitely worth the wait.
Our pre-concert group shot. Yeah, we're crazy like that.

When Lia woke up the next morning, I saw just how tired we must have been the night before. Notice her pajamas and socks...none of which match.

Not quite ready for early service (or her waffle) just yet.

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  1. Oh, I wanted to go to that concert. I'm sure it was awesome! I've seen Third Day once and they rocked! How fun for you guys to have done that as a family!


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