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Sunday, February 21, 2010


....a sunny day for a couple of kids that really needed one!

While the big kids were at piano, we found a park close by and burned some energy...

Ready, set, go....

Alex , who never meets a stranger, was playing peek-a-boo with a new friend

Anything he can do...

...she can do too (or so she thinks)

The slide was a big hit with Lia

And the knees say it all...we are ready for more days like this


  1. That first picture of her--so soft and beautiful! Wish we had NO snow in our parks. We were just talking with our neighbors while out plowing another 5 inch storm from our driveway--that we think the snow banks will still be in our yards melting until well into May. It's been a crazy winter! So happy to see someone has some nice weather!

  2. Hi, Your family is beautiful. I just came across your blog and think our little girls are from the same SWI. The photos look familiar and even one of the caretakers. Beiliu City?


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