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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To Swim Or Not To Swim, That Is The Question...

Today was round 2 in our attempt at swimming lessons for Alex. By the end of last summer, he was jumping in off the side of the pool and going underwater on his own, so I thought for sure he would make great strides with lessons this time. But at lesson number 1 last week, he proved me wrong. Apparently, he enjoys everything related to swimming except the part about the water.

So with a brand new pair of Lightning McQueen swim shorts waiting for him at home (you say bribery, I say behavior modification program), I had hoped for a successful lesson today.

Swimsuit on and ready to go
Goggles in place

Swim rings in hand

A quick warm up
A good luck kiss from sissy and we're ready to go

Or... maybe not

And it was all downhill from there
I wonder if Michael Phelps started out this way...

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  1. Poor Alex! I hope soon he gets used to swimming!


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