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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Daddy's Littlest Girl

Lia has finally begun to see what all my other kids have realized about their parents: Daddy is the fun one. It has taken her longer than he would have liked to completely warm up to him but I doubt it will take her much longer to realize that she (like her sisters) has him totally wrapped around her little finger.

Here they are playing peek-a-boo with a toy under her sweater this weekend. The smiles were followed by hugs, kisses, and a lot of laughter...from both of them.


  1. She is precious and has such a beautiful smile. Looks like Daddy is wrapped tight around her pinky! That is the same place our little girl is and now she is going to have to learn to share that with a little sister.

  2. Lia looks like she is doing so well. I am so glad! I have been reading your comments and am thankful for them. It has been such a challenge to walk from 0 to 3 but the adjustment isn't as hard as it really could be. I am thankful.

  3. Ahhhh....Angela--precious moments...she's doing so GREAT! What a blessing! I'm sure she still has those sad moments, but these moments surely will carry her and you all through them. Love, Lisa A

  4. She is soooo precious!! I love seeing that beautiful smile. Tell Lia she is always sent lots of love from Brady, each time he sees her he waves and gets a huge smile on his face. They may be kissing cousins one day! Love you all!


  5. I'm loving that beautiful smile!!!


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