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Friday, April 3, 2009

Little Monkey

Lia hasn't cooperated much for pictures lately. She's figured out that the big black machine Mommy holds in her hands does something funny, so she's always coming up to see it before I can get any shots of her sweet little face.

At the risk that she might think she spent her entire first month home strapped in her high chair, I snapped some more of her cuteness while she ate lunch.

I've been trying to record her imitation of a monkey that the kids taught her. She did it for a few seconds before she noticed the big black machine again. But with the reaction I got, I'd rather enjoy the moment than get a good picture anyway :)'s sideways again. Maybe I should just stick to still shots.


  1. Angela I know how that goes. Sometimes it seems like the ONLY pictures I have of Jessica are from when she's in the high chair. Lia takes great high chair pictures!

  2. What a blessing you have in your midst! Thanks for sharing all this JOY it's so warms my heart. Love, Lisa A

  3. It's always so cool to see the babys move sometimes. Thanks for the video. Her hair is getting longer huh? Love the little laugh.


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