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Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Dynamic Duo

This morning these two decided to pair up and raid my pantry. We'd barely finished breakfast before I found Alex helping himself to a pack of fruit snacks in the kitchen while Lia was plundering a box of Wheat Thins in the family room. That was before I decided to pull out the camera...
Next on his list of forbidden foods....sprinkles--straight up
Lia decides that she likes the fruit snack idea

With loot in hand....

...she decides to make a break for it.

Remembering her manners, she waves goodbye before making her get-away

Since neither a lock on the pantry door nor a nanny are options, we opt for a five-point harness and a stroll in the sunshine...snack in hand of course.

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  1. Oh, how well I remember the days of catching Kylie in the act of raiding the pantry at our old house. Her usual choice was the container of raisins! Good thinking on the walk...


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