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Monday, April 6, 2009

Lia's First Road Trip

This weekend we loaded up the van and headed out for our first road trip with Lia. We weren't sure how she'd do in the car for 5 hours straight but she proved to be quite the little traveler.

We were heading to Scott's parents so that his family could meet Miss Lia in person and so that we could all help celebrate Lia's cousin Rachel's 4th birthday.

Lia thought the car ride was exhilirating

Alex and Caroline did not

Lauren and Caroline with their cousin Lindsey

And Miss Rachel, the birthday girl, with her mommy

Lia enjoyed hanging out (in the high chair, as usual) with her cousin Brady

Having a little Grandma time

On a walk with Pop Paw and Caroline

When we got there our kids really wanted Lia to do her monkey imitation for the rest of the family, so with Scott's aunt Linda leading the charge, they gave it a group effort. As it turns out, Miss Lia is all about the applause...


  1. Okay my blond hair blue eyed Chinese child would fit in great with your blond haired blue eyed family.

  2. Love that little face all happy and full of joy! Beautiful! Thank you for your encouraging post Angela. You friendship and support mean so much to me. I so enjoy watching little Lia each post. She get more sweet everyday! And it seems she's adjusting so well. I know that is not without a lot of love and work on your part. Love, Lisa A


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