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Monday, December 27, 2010

Three Weeks From Today

This morning I was able to see the blogs of two families who met their daughters for the first time yesterday. They were 2 of the 4 girls that had moved back to the orphanage with Lily. According to their moms, the girls were giggling and smiling holding the pictures of their respective families that had been sent to them months before. The road ahead will be long and arduous I'm sure with all that is involved in the transition to their new lives but what a blessing to have their initial meetings go so well.

It's hard to believe that in 3 weeks we will be doing the exact same thing. I've tried to play over and over in my mind how this initial meeting will go. What will I say? What will I do? What will I bring? Honestly, I just don't know. I guess I'm leaving the Holy Spirit PLENTY of room to work here. His strength is perfected in my weakness and I've got no shortage of that!

We have much to do over the next 18 days before we head out. I have a nice little pile of "China stuff" growing in the corner of my bedroom. At some point I'll need to deal with all that. But these days all I really want to do is stare at the sweet face that in 21 short days will be in the same room with me and not simply staring back at me from my computer screen.

Lily with members of the volunteer group who serve at the orphanage.  Looks like they were on a trip to the grocery store with the kids.  Even at a young age she's got that sparkle in her eye.  I just love it!
T-minus 21 days and counting.  


  1. Girl you hit the nail on the head! Sparkle in her eye is EXACTLY it! It completely shines through in each of those photographs! Amazing! I'm sooo excited I get to meet this little one!!!!

  2. Ah, the China stuff corner... I remember it well!
    Can't wait to be reading about you there!


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