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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Because I'm Completely Obsessed...

This morning, thanks to a tip from someone else, I was able to locate 3 new pictures of our sweet girl.

A group of local volunteers visited Lily's orphanage and spent time with the kids and posted some of the pictures on their website.  Thanks to Google translator (oh, how I love thee) I was able to find them and ultimately find her.

She's the cute thing with the little pony tail on the far right with her arms up over her head.

See her here?  The one with the adorable face?  (And the only girl in a group of all boys...hmmmmm)

What a sweet gift these extra pictures are! 

27 days to go....

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  1. Yeah-hoo! I KNOW what a blessing unexpected pictures are! I'm very happy for you!


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