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Monday, December 20, 2010

A Message of Love

I mentioned in a previous post that Lily, along with 3 other girls her age, have moved back to the orphanage to wait for their families to come. While we, unfortunately, have to wait another 4 weeks, there are 2 families traveling over Christmas weekend. One family in particular graciously agreed to take something from us to try and give to Lily.

I mentioned this to the girls and they got right to work on pictures for her and I included the picture on my sidebar of all 5 kids together holding Lily's picture. We also wrote notes telling her how we were all very excited to be able to come to China to meet her.

Caroline drew a tiger for her and wrote a very sweet note on the back.

Lauren did a family portrait (including the dog, of course)

We'll find out later next week if they were able to get the note to Lily.


  1. This brings up a storehouse of emotions. Frustration that Lily returned to the orphanage so early, thankfulness that a family will try to deliver your sweet package, amazement at the artistic talent, tears over the thoughtfulness of what was drawn, excitement that it is coming ever closer!
    PS ~ I'd love to know what time you are getting back on the 28th. You know, just in case you wanted a welcoming committee...

  2. Lauren's picture is absolutely priceless!


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