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Thursday, December 16, 2010


We have dates.

Not necessarily the dates we wanted but we are thankful to have them.

We will leave on January 14th, meet Lily on the 17th, and have our new (and hopefully permanent) Consulate appointment on the 25th.  Then we'll fly back right before Chinese New Year starts.

I asked our agency about Lily's status.  Where is she now?  Does she know?  How is she doing?

The social worker in China had emailed our agency about Lily and 3 other girls who had been sent back to the orphanage to wait for their families.  It was a bittersweet update:

"Thanks a lot for your letter. We are so excited to learn that those four families will come to Longgang to adopt the four kids soon.

Now four kids have come back to the orphanage. They are also very happy and elated for they will meet their families and go abroad in the near future. They almost can't wait for it.

Since they returned, four girls always get together to play games, have meals and sleep in the same room but respective beds. But they may have some sorrows, for they can not come back to school and get along with their classmates and friends, teachers and foster family. Even though,i think delight is more than upset in their hearts. In addition, social worker here will also try her best to serve them ,e.g. Ease their emotion and arrange some activities for them. I guess they will adapt it asap. So please rest your heart."

Please pray for the heart of my sweet girl and for us as we wait a little longer.


  1. Ugh this is all so hard! I think our three kiddos will be good buddies by the time we get there as they will have been hanging out in the orphanage together for a bit. Maybe that will make it easier that they will all be adopted the same day? Looking forward to meeting you my friend!

  2. Wow, what a letter! I will be praying for you all.
    Also, so excited for’s almost time!!!!!!

  3. Praying for your little'll see her soon!


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