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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Swim

After a long week of waiting, Lily had her first official swim lesson yesterday.

Pretty standard.
30 minutes.
Learning to kick.
And stroke.
And breathe.

So if you are beginning to know my Lily like I am beginning to know my Lily...
Well then you know that of course she was going to attempt to swim the length of the pool.

'Cause she's got one whole swim lesson under her belt.
And she's been acquainted with this thing called a pool for oh, I don't know, a couple of weeks now.
For the first time in her life.
Naturally it's time to swim the length of it.
If you're Lily, that is.

She tried over and over and over.
And she ended up being able to make it a little more than half way across with her "coaches" cheering her on.
And I was duly impressed.

I am constantly amazed at her determination.
And what she has already accomplished in the short time she has been home.

And I have a feeling that if we make it back down to the pool tomorrow...
She's going to find her way from one end to the other before it's time to head home.


  1. WAY TO GO LILY!!!!! She is definitely amazing, and I would not be surprised if she does make it all the way tomorrow. She has great coaching and cheer leading, so look out!!! Love you Lily..hope to see you soon!!!


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